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Greed, Love, and Power are the 3 forces tying the world together.[edit | edit source]

Steel and Flesh Poem[edit | edit source]

Pain is easy to feel, but hard to forget

An armor mesh ring sings

before weapons pierce flesh,

For veal they hunger, to trade for blood and sweat

Amidst the fighting, a soldier cried out

We are fighting because there is a drought,

A second cried, we are all men are we not

Why should some live, when we’ve died

As our carcasses rot

A king would dine on meat, to the end of his days

on rich wine, betrothing wives, upon his golden seat,

The old ways would never change

slaves would be flayed,

the hungry would still be uncouth

the king would never honor or thank those that fought

On a single line they parted their ways

On  they marched

To opposite gates

They tore through their own barricades

Like cheese on a grate

Wait, cried the king, please take my bread.

I have caches and stashes as well as mead

But they neither cared nor listened

Nor worried nor thought

They swung steel and chopped off his head

Poem Analysis:

The War of 2 breaks out between 2 kings that were once allies. After a drought strikes their lands and holdings. Each, unable to feed their massive armies and lower class peasants. Each blamed the rival king for negligence, and hiding their excess grain by overfeeding their farm animals. To compensate for their lower than average yield and keeping the pig and cattle fat for spring. When war does break out, each man no longer fights for his king, but to ward off the pain and hunger. Each side does not fight for long, and come to the conclusion that they had been cheated and were fighting a useless war. Beliving that only the spilling of their own kings would be necessary. Attacking their own forts with the help of rival invaders, they managed to slaughter his loyal followers before cornering him into his bedroom. Pleading for his life, the king first offers to take his entire stash of hoarded bread. When that fails, he asks that they take him as a slave instead by relinquishing control of any alliance or army by revealing the location of his remaining family members and relatives that had stayed hidden in castles and forts in the private war. When that fails, he castrates himself before gouging his own eyes with his fingers. Promising that no vengeance will be brought upon them. Despite his plea's he was sentenced to die and forced to sign a contract and land tithe. That would distribute his lands and castle's to the knights and barons. While a year's supply of grain and livestock would be given to the peasants. Each man knows that the succeeding king would hang the men who had beheaded the first. Took a safer route by hiring a mercenary company to extract and kill his remaining followers. Before cutting his head off. The knights and barons divided the land and castles among themselves, while the lower and upper class peasants recieve a years supply of grain.

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